About Us

Jasmine the founder of Glam Perfumes, has a lot more to her than meets the eye.  She studied communications/ marketing in New York University and started working as a broadcaster and journalist for News Networks.

At a very young age she was always fascinated with scents, and flowers. During her college years she started working as a fragrance model for high end  fragrance brands. She later started working  as a News Anchor which required her to travel frequently. She says " I remember when I traveled, it was very difficult to take all my fragrance bottles with me, and I would always make samples of my favorite scents to carry with me."

As a brand ambassador, I remember making many samples for my customers, and most of the time they would come back to buy the large bottles. It would make the decision making process for the customers much easier, before investing at least a $100 on a single bottle! It would also be a great alternative for traveling! It was then, that a dream was born!

"I always dreamed about creating something that people would love, and at the same time creating something that would be both practical and affordable. With Glam Perfumes, that dream has become a reality, and I am very proud of what we have come up with so far".

"What makes Glam Perfumes unique and fun is that its Practical and Exciting at the same time. Majority of women don't have a signature scent any more, especially younger women. They like to change their fragrance according to their mood or even their outfits".

For $14 USD customers will receive 5 ML fragrance of their choice in a beautiful stylish case, and they have over 65 of the best selling high end designer fragrances including Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chloe and Gucci to choose from. we have deals with fragrance brands and we work with wholesalers. All the fragrances we carry are 100% authentic.

When selecting the scents, I wanted the collection to be the best selling, top brand perfumes. And I didn't want to overwhelm the customers with hundreds of fragrances to choose from! I simply wanted their experience in selecting a fragrance to be pleasurable indulgent, easy, and fun.

As a free-spirited entrepreneur, and lover of everything beautiful,Jasmine says she gets her greatest joy from helping girls and women everywhere feel their most glamorous!